I currently work as a Senior Data Scientist at IQVIA based in Greater Philadelphia area doing some kick-ass work with my brilliant colleagues. I am a horizontal data scientist who is ever-ready to dive deep.

It has been over 7 years since I worked on my first machine learning project. Over the years things have aggressively improved; more online resources, lots of kaggle competitions, bigger community, new opportunities and cheaper hardware. We are at an age where all one needs to become a data scientist is the strong will to become one, by staying consistent in the process of learning,unlearning & re-learning.

Idea synthesis happens at the intersection of various domains, it is for this reason I never miss an opportunity to get involved in projects from different domains. I am here to share with the world the results of fun experiments that I carry out by collaborating with various domain experts.  On the sly, it is for encouraging myself to give life to ideas that strike me, before their signals dwindle in the neural networks of my brain. I hope you enjoy my work.